Kigo (きご 季語)  Season Words

uchimizu (うちみず 打水):Sprinkling water in streets and gardens to get cool air.

utsusemi (うつせみ 空蝉):Empty shell of cicadas.

gege (げげ 解夏):解 means release, and 夏 means summer. A verbatim translation is "Releasing moment in summer". It originally is the word for Buddhist priests completing summer training. Haiku have explored time through names and thresholds , as western philosophy have explored time through meta-physical concepts.

syu-u (しゅうう 驟雨) : Sudden shower in summer. A short period of time evokes transience.

hatu-arashi(はつあらし 初嵐):The first Autumn storm, after the summer pleasure, considered as a revelation of a new season, a new relationship and a new lifestyle.

nasubi(なすび 茄子):Eggplant. A plant which has both homeyness and uncanniness. In Japanese Obon, eggplants transform into vehicles to curry spirits.

matsurika (まつりか 茉莉花):Oriental name of jasmine. Dried flowers are used to make jasmine tea.

nengajo(ねんがじょう 年賀状):New year's card. People write nengajos to express gratitude to those who have helped them.

yaki-gasi (やきがし 焼菓子):Baked goods do not have an obvious purpose such as robustness of buildings, usability of phones, or nutrition of foods. Every artifacts has purposes but baked goods a few. If not all, a purpose of baked goods may be to be eaten. Baked goods are baked for the moment to be eaten. They are waiting for the moment.


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